About Us

Singapore Technologies Telemedia (ST Telemedia) is a strategic investor focused on building and growing innovative communications, media and technology businesses around the globe. 


Established in the early 1990s, we have a proven track record of transforming our businesses into market leaders. We take a long-term view of our investments and are committed to creating lasting value for our stakeholders.  
ST Telemedia takes a proactive approach in seeking compelling opportunities across industry and geographical lines. Our diverse investments and operations span the Asia-Pacific region, the Americas and Europe.      

Building Sustainable Partnerships
ST Telemedia is committed to building long-lasting partnerships with our portfolio companies, business partners and stakeholders.

Our portfolio companies and affiliates benefit from our extensive investing experience and operational expertise, wide network of strategic relationships, and ability to attract seasoned executives internationally.
The exceptional resources we offer make us the partner of choice for businesses seeking to position themselves for current and future generations.

Growth Through Synergy 
ST Telemedia recognises the importance of capturing synergies among our portfolio companies to boost performance, build longer-term competitive advantages and drive internal value creation. 

We achieve these outcomes by proactively facilitating group collaboration and sharing of the group's unique proprietary knowledge, insights and expertise.
We work alongside our portfolio companies and affiliates to help them identify and develop differentiated capabilities and strengthen their market positions. 

Disciplined Investment Approach
ST Telemedia’s investment approach is characterised by an emphasis on long term strategic goals and equity value growth. 

We adopt a structured investment evaluation and due diligence process when considering a prospective transaction.
Post-transaction, we work in partnership with our portfolio companies to pursue pragmatic growth strategies and capture operational improvement opportunities.   

Strengthening Communities, Enriching Lives
Wherever ST Telemedia has a presence, we aim to cultivate mutually beneficial relationships with the wider community. 

We believe in developing social and environmental benefits that build a sustainable future.
In addition to creating employment and contributing professional expertise to our communities, we support various philanthropy, community and industry development initiatives.

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