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STT GDC to Build Largest and Most Interconnected Data Centre in the Philippines
May 2023 Press Releases
TW71: StarHub Deepens Decarbonisation Commitments with New Targets in Latest Sustainability Report
April 2023 E-Newsletters
TW70: Pursuing Opportunities and Enduring Growth Amidst Volatility
February 2023 E-Newsletters
ST Telemedia Global Data Centres releases 2021 ESG Report Detailing Efforts to Advance a Sustainable Digital Economy
September 2022 Press Releases
ST Telemedia Global Data Centres announces Sustainability-Linked Financial Framework
July 2022 Press Releases
ST Telemedia’s Study Awards Recognise and Encourage Academic Excellence
July 2022 Nurturing Future Generations
ST Telemedia Global Data Centres expands its South Korea footprint with second data centre
June 2022 Press Releases
Globe, STT GDC and Ayala enter into $350M venture
March 2022 Press Releases
Pushing Ahead on Sustainable Value Creation
January 2022 CEO Message