Specialises in Communications & Media, Data Centres, and Infrastructure Technology Businesses.

Starting out in 1994, ST Telemedia has ensured that technology, innovation and deep domain expertise are at the core of what we do. Each ST Telemedia investment adds value to the group in a manner which makes the whole greater than the sum of its parts.

Our 'synergy by design' approach has allowed us to build a strong presence in these three areas:

Communications & Media

With investments in leading communications companies in the Asia-Pacific region, ST Telemedia has the ability to combine data, mobility, voice, and content services with state-of-the-art delivery platforms that puts us in a unique position to leverage the communications and content revolution that is happening today.

Data Centres

Strategic acquisitions and investments with a major footprint in key global economic hubs, particularly in China, India, Singapore, Thailand and the UK. Focused primarily on Asia-Pacific and the UK/Europe, our agile and multi-tenant business model has ensured our global data centre assets are differentiated and diversified.

Infrastructure Technology

Investing in cutting edge technology companies that are ready to scale up in areas like cloud computing, system performance, cybersecurity and advanced analytics. These companies are at the forefront of technology innovation that is critical for the digital transformation of governments, enterprises and telecommunications companies.

Collaborating for Long-Term Value Creation & Growth

Our distinctive investor-operator model is centred on creating sustainable value and growth. This is achieved in collaboration with the companies we invest in. We apply a disciplined and rigorous investment process that emphasises value creation, long-term growth and risk management.

We are inspired by our guiding principles: 
Invest. Build. Grow. Contribute.

We work closely with our portfolio companies, employees and business partners to apply these principles. Once we invest in a company, we help to build on its potential through our strategic and operational involvement, as well as through access to our diverse ecosystem.

Our investment principles are geared towards long-term value creation and growth.

Constantly seek out new growth platforms and compelling opportunities with differentiated and demonstrable business models.

A ‘synergy by design’ approach to build an ecosystem of distinct yet complementary businesses to drive value and growth.

Deploy capital, manage risk and actively engage with our portfolio companies through different stages of their development and growth.

Collaborate on operational, financial and strategic matters to build platforms that are focused on facilitating growth and improving the quality of life of our communities.

Passionate & Diverse Team

People are the backbone of our company. With a shared purpose, we are passionate about what we do, placing a strong emphasis on collaboration among ourselves, our portfolio companies and our business partners to build lasting value.

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