ST Telemedia


Sustainability is at the Heart of Everything We Do

We are focused on creating value that delivers sustainable outcomes in everything we do and in the lives of those in our communities.

Our Responsibility

Promote Good Governance and Social responsibility for Lasting Impact

Well-managed companies that embrace corporate social responsibility not only have a lasting positive impact on their communities, but also enable their businesses to thrive.

ST Telemedia promotes strong corporate governance and social responsibility across our portfolio companies. We strive to maintain high standards of corporate governance, internal controls and risk management.

Strengthening Communities

Strong communities provide a favourable environment for business and economies to succeed. ST Telemedia contributes towards the health of our communities through philanthropy, educational initiatives, and industry development. We also encourage our employees to get involved in local communities through our employee volunteerism programmes.

Our CSR Focus

Enriching Communities
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Sustaining Industries
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Nurturing Future Generations
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Education in Action
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