Dear *|FNAME|*, The interrelatedness of our natural, economic and societal systems makes sustainable and inclusive business a mandate, not a choice, for long-term value creation and success.
ST Telemedia July 2022
Sparking an Ecosystem of Inclusive and Sustainable Growth

Dear Stakeholders,

I’m pleased to present you ST Telemedia’s sustainability commitments and course of action in this inaugural report.

For much of 2020 and 2021, societies across the world were forced to adapt and adjust to the challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic. In this changing environment, ST Telemedia and our portfolio companies found ourselves driving and facilitating the necessary adjustments to ensure the safety of our employees, the continuity of customer operations, and our ability to remain financially sound for our stakeholders.


Businesses have a responsibility to lead change

While we may never know the true costs of the pandemic, we can draw from the lessons of our current situation and that of other ongoing crises happening around us. As economies gradually re-open and travel restrictions ease, it is very clear that businesses have a responsibility to lead change in improving the environment for all stakeholders. We must grasp this opportunity for improved Environmental, Societal and Governance impact:

Environmental – businesses have a fundamental obligation to improve the environmental outcomes of their business, as well as contribute to growth in a sustainable way both directly and indirectly

Societal – create and support an ecosystem that enables employees to fulfil their potential and promotes inclusive growth in the communities in which we operate

Governance – maintain focus to strengthen the foundation for long-term value creation through transparent and appropriate governance parameters

Collective action and the importance of trust

In the third and final section of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report released in early April, we are reminded about how the pandemic is in many ways an unfortunate interlude to an underlying crisis of far greater proportions. In essence, the report was a final warning for us to change our course before the world is irrevocably set on a path towards climate breakdown.

All of these crises – not limited to Covid-19, climate change and geopolitical tensions – have clearly demonstrated the need for collective change and action across all institutions, and the irreplaceable role of trust in these unprecedented and rapidly changing times.

Build trust through greater transparency and accountability

At ST Telemedia, trust is both a key corporate value and a strategic priority in our purpose and business proposition, which we call the ST Telemedia Advantage. We are grateful for the foundation of trust built with our portfolio companies, business partners, employees, and other esteemed stakeholders. We do not take this trust for granted and seek to proactively build trust with stakeholders through greater transparency and accountability.

Our inaugural Sustainability Report comes at a critical and opportune moment. Stakeholders rightly want to understand how ST Telemedia is responding to the climate crisis, how we are continuing to grow inclusively, and how our governance structures contribute to the achievement of these goals. The publication of this report fulfils the promise made in October 2021 when we introduced our Sustainability Framework, and it shows how we have progressed in addressing some of the world’s most pressing issues.

2021 Highlights

Environmental Stewardship

Social Responsibility

Good Governance

Environmental Stewardship

Environmental Stewardship

We have set targets to decarbonise our own operations and support our portfolio companies to do the same. We recognise that our influence is through our role as an investor, an employer and a corporate citizen.

We are committed to investing in companies that are environmentally responsible, and in addition to our desire to enable a low carbon future, we practise environmental stewardship by encouraging the adoption of a ‘zero waste’ mindset across our portfolio.

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Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility

We are committed to creating value that delivers lasting positive outcomes for all stakeholders, including our employees and those in our communities. Our programmes support employee health and welfare and help improve the quality of life in the community, particularly among disadvantaged and vulnerable people.

ST Telemedia actively supports its portfolio companies to live up to commitments made in the area of Social Responsibility and seeks to invest in companies that promote social inclusion and cohesion.

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Good Governance

We believe that responsible business practices and sound governance set the foundation for sustainable value creation. We hold ourselves and our portfolio companies to high standards of ethics and conduct. We exercise prudent risk management practices to build resilience against disruption and cybersecurity threats.

Our Board of Directors, supported by our Audit Committee and Risk Management and Operations Committee, as well as the boards and relevant risk functions of our portfolio companies ensure strict adherence to the Group’s governance framework.

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We will continue to stay nimble and responsive to local and global developments by monitoring our progress, evaluating our approach, and revising our targets to build an ecosystem that enables a more sustainable and equitable world.

Together, we can spark the change

As we embark on our formal sustainability journey, we have translated our ambitions into a multi-year roadmap that underpins our approach to managing environmental, social and governance risks and opportunities across our businesses. This sits within a broader commitment and history of ESG principles.

Sustainability issues are having increasingly far-reaching impact on businesses, communities, societies and economies. The complexity and interrelatedness of these issues require concerted will and effort from every stakeholder group. As a company or as an individual, our actions may not look substantial, but together — in keeping with our purpose to “Ignite Enduring Change” — we can make a collective impact for needle-moving change.

I look forward to your active participation to spark the change together for an ecosystem of inclusive and sustainable growth.

Yours sincerely,

Stephen Miller
President & Group CEO

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