About Us

ST Telemedia is an active investor igniting growth opportunities emerging from the digital convergence of users, communities, content and services. With decades of experience investing in, building and operating CMT businesses across the globe, we have developed a proven approach - backed by deep industry expertise and knowledge - to help our investments grow and succeed.

Our dedicated team of industry professionals has deep and broad experience in the CMT sector in both developed and emerging markets. Applying our investor-operator competencies, we help our portfolio companies grow their businesses and unlock their potential.

To expand growth horizons and unlock the potential within our portfolio, we believe collaboration is key.

We take a long-term view on value creation and work with our portfolio companies and business partners to achieve mutual success. By facilitating collaborative partnerships, we help our portfolio companies capitalise on today’s shifting business landscape, create differentiated solutions and develop competitive advantages.


We have invested in and developed a significant portfolio of assets and strategic relationships across the digital value chain.

Focused on four business segments – Communication & Media Services, Enterprise Services, Data Centres, and Emerging Technologies - we aim to add distinct and complementary value to our portfolio with each investment.

Through continual evolution of our portfolio, we have formed a robust and forward-looking CMT ecosystem - ready to capture adjacent growth for our portfolio companies in today’s complex and competitive environment.



With our global network of partners and portfolio companies, we bring an international perspective and know-how with sector- or market-specific expertise and insights. These strategic relationships create collaborative opportunities for development and growth.