The early days of STT was all about getting the foundations right – hiring the right people who shared the same vision, philosophy and passion. It was also about building a company culture, embedding the right values, cultivating strong partnerships and establishing new businesses.

Tan Guong Ching
STT Chairman

Guiding the company with quiet wisdom since its inception, Tan Guong Ching shares what matters most in STT's drive for success.

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As the first employee, Lee Theng Kiat's role was to quickly establish STT. He talks about the genesis of the company and its early days.

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Lee Theng Kiat
Former STT President and CEO of STT

The First Five

The founders of the company brought together a small vanguard of passionate and pioneering individuals who were chosen for their specific skills and experience. The five-member team worked closely together to get STT started.

From left: Yong Lum Sung, Commercial and Operations; Chan Mei Lee, Engineering and Technical; Lee Theng Kiat, President & CEO; Sio Tat Hiang, Executive Vice President; and Tay Kiong Hong, Business Development and General Management.


Within a span of five years, STT formed multiple companies and partnerships in Singapore, New Zealand and China.

Our Start-Ups

Our Joint Venture Partners

China Unicom
China Huaneng


We led a consortium of partners, both local and international, which bid for and was awarded licences to provide both fixed and cellular services in Singapore by the then Telecommunications Authority of Singapore. In 1998, StarHub was established with a bold vision to innovate and challenge industry norms.

StarHub's first Chief Executive Officer Steven Terrell (Terry) Clontz shares what shaped the company's unique culture, and STT's role as a supportive shareholder.


With a strong home base established, STT swiftly moved to the next phase of expansion: the world.

The early 2000s was a challenging period for the telecommunications sector. But while others retreated, STT remained open to possibilities. Our keen foresight, boldness of action and nimbleness of mind has led the company to several exceptional opportunities.

Peter Seah, Deputy Chairman of STT Communications, speaks about the company's entrepreneurial spirit and key investments abroad over the years.

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STT remembers Lodewijk Christiaan van Wachem K.B.E.,
Chairman of Global Crossing from December 2003 to October 2011

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Pek Siok Lan, STT's former Senior Executive President and General Counsel, shares how the company's leadership and unconventional approach had helped the company to navigate some of its most challenging investments.

Since starting operations in 1994, STT grew rapidly in Singapore and across the oceans. Toggle the investment phases to view how we have expanded from inception to 2011 and beyond.

STT continuously scanned the horizon to seek new growth. In 2011, we shifted our strategy and business direction to capture new opportunities in the digital economy.

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