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ST Telemedia offers its 1st scholarship in Information Communication Technology Studies

Nov 2001 / Press Releases
  • Scholarship aims to nurture skilled local info-comm talents to sustain Singapore as a premier info-comm hub

Singapore, 9 November 2001 - Singapore Technologies Telemedia (ST Telemedia) has offered its first scholarship award to three students fulfilling their 3-year full-time course in Diploma in Information Communication Technology (D.I.C.T.) at the Singapore Polytechnic. The scholarship award will be presented to them by Lee Theng Kiat, President and CEO of ST Telemedia, on November 12, 2001.

Mr. Lee said, "ST Telemedia is very pleased to support students of Singapore Polytechnic in their pursuit of higher education. Since ST Telemedia was incorporated in 1994, we have committed ourselves to helping individuals expand their capacity to stimulate fresh thinking and create results. We pride ourselves as a learning organisation that offers a conducive nurturing ground for innovations and excellence."

D.I.C.T., offered jointly by the School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering and the School of Info-Communications Technology, was launched this year to train students in the areas of the Internet, Mobile/ Wireless Communication and Internet Appliances. It emphasises the use of communication technology for transmitting information and developing devices that use such technology, thus providing access at any place at anytime to new interactive media rich in content.

"As a leading info-communications group in Singapore and in the region, we not only aim to shape the future of the communication scenes, but also to improve the quality of life of the communities in which we operate," said Lee Theng Kiat.

He added, "We believe that nurturing excellence in education is essential to the competitiveness and future leadership of the Singapore workforce. Our scholarship award for D.I.C.T. is a clear sign of ST Telemedia's commitment to support the government's call to nurture skilled local info-comm talents to sustain Singapore's competitive edge in the international arena."

Said Dr Dave Chong, Director of the School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering at Singapore Polytechnic, "Singapore Polytechnic's Diploma in Information Communication Technology was launched this year in response to the growing demand for info-communication manpower in the economy. We see ST Telemedia's sponsorship of our D.I.C.T. students as a further endorsement of the programme by industry. We are therefore honoured to be the first institution here to be selected by ST Telemedia for the scholarships."

ST Telemedia will fully sponsor the D.I.C.T. course fee and provide a student allowance for each recipient. The total value of the scholarship is estimated at S$72,660. The scholarship, applicable to full-time Year 1 students pursuing the D.I.C.T., is awarded based on academic excellence, good character, conduct, financial background and references from Singapore Polytechnic.

The recipients are required to fulfill their Industrial Training Programme (ITP) as well as commit to a three-year employment contract with ST Telemedia or its group of companies.