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Sustainability Report 2022

Driving Impact From Within

Tackling the mounting climate change problems today require collaborative partnership and technological innovation. As a major shareholder of a portfolio of Information and Communications Technology companies, ST Telemedia has a unique vantage position to mobilise collaborative collective action. We strive to multiply wider impact by leveraging the diverse competencies within the Group, and encouraging our strategic partners to act jointly in fostering a sustainable future.

This second sustainability report covers ST Telemedia’s initiatives, improvements and impacts for 2022. It also outlines the strong Group progress from our inaugural 2021 report.

Message from our President and Group CEO

In this turbulent environment, we acknowledged the need for increasingly agile and effective collaborations to build a more inclusive and resilient world. ST Telemedia aims to leverage our position as an investor, employer, and partner to amplify the ESG impacts we generate to each of our stakeholders. The theme of our 2022 Sustainability Report reflects our goal of drawing on the capabilities within the Group to create strong ripples of consistent progress around us.

- Stephen Miller, President & Group CEO

Environmental Stewardship

ST Telemedia is committed to continuing the resource-efficiency and decarbonisation efforts of our own operations while assisting our portfolio companies to do the same. As a Group, we are committed to net zero carbon and implementing renewable energy solutions where feasible. We work collectively with our portfolio companies to reduce carbon emissions through a dual-pronged effort of increasing the proportion of renewable energy sources while adopting energy-efficient measures.

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Social Responsibility

We reiterate our commitment to upholding zero tolerance for discrimination and promoting gender equality and racial diversity. Our portfolio companies have also taken similar approaches. In 2022, we expanded our focus on people and wellness by elevating employee well-being from an emerging to material topic.

Building strong local communities is integral to ST Telemedia’s mission. Beyond financial contributions and corporate volunteerism activities, we provide up to two days of volunteering leave each year for employees to support social causes close to their hearts. 

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Good Governance

Good governance underpins all ESG efforts and sets the foundation for long-term value creation and business resilience. We continually strengthen our governance practices and risk management framework, and hold ourselves and our portfolio companies to high standards of ethics and conduct. We also promote the mutual sharing of best practices to aid in the development of skills and competencies as a Group.

Adopting a systematic approach to cyber- and data-security, we regularly test our IT system controls, educate employees and build awareness on cybersecurity and vigilance.

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