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StarHub Consortium Wins Both Singapore Licences

Apr 1998 / Press Releases

Singapore, 23 April 1998 - The StarHub Consortium has been awarded both licences to provide public basic telecommunications services and public cellular mobile telephone services in Singapore. With this award, the StarHub Consortium will commence operations for both fixed and cellular services on 1 April 2000. This was announced by the Telecommunications Authority of Singapore (TAS) today.

The fixed line telephone licence was the only fixed line licence awarded in this exercise, while the cellular licence was one of two licences given out by TAS today. By April 2000, there will altogether be two fixed line operators and four cellular operators in Singapore.

The StarHub Consortium comprises Singapore Technologies Telemedia (STT), Singapore Power (SP), Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation (NTT) and British Telecommunications (BT). The consortium is well positioned with the complementary combination of skills, technologies and experience to bring the most advanced services to Singapore, and will proceed with its plans to build a first class communications infrastructure with emphasis on multimedia services, innovative technologies, global linkages and excellent customer support.

Mr. Lee Theng Kiat, President of Singapore Technologies Telemedia and the official spokesman for the consortium, said, "We are proud and delighted that TAS has awarded both the fixed and mobile telephone licences to our StarHub Consortium. Certainly given the strong partnership in StarHub, we will be able to provide Singapore with real choice!"

He further added, "The convergence of communications and computers, as well as the increasingly borderless world of business means unparalleled opportunities to improve the quality of life for consumers and businesses. We are committed to delivering service to our customers, and also contribute to the development of Singapore as a first class info-hub in Asia."

This press release is jointly issued by Singapore Technologies Telemedia, Singapore Power, Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corp and British Telecom.